Russell Pounds brings over 20 years of experience to the table as a brilliant analyst and visionary. His training as a structural engineer allows him to see design from a pragmatic standpoint, as well as from the vantage point of his clients and the prospective audience.

Conceptual development of rough ideas and strong listening skills are two of Russell’s greatest strengths. His ability to contact and network resources in the community make him a wealth of knowledge about the “who” and “how" to see a project through.

Selected as a mentor for the participants in the Pew Charitable Trust grant to Anchorage. This program is managed by the Alaska Humanities Forum and is designed to help encourage the civic entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Served as the community coordinator for The Denali Initiative, a nationwide program tasked with raising the effectiveness and developing the business skills of local non-profit leaders.

Russell PoundsPrincipal/V.P Marketing
2627 C Street, Suite 400
Anchorage, AK 99503